Navagio sunsetIn this trip we are visiting the most famous and beautiful beach in the world...Navagio.We are starting from Kyllini early in the morning and we are making our first stop at the city of Zakynthos.During our stop the visitor can go sightseeing in the city and walk in the traditional streets, and the port. The most significant momument is the church of Saint Dionisios, who is the guard of the island. Later we are reaching the beach of Agios Nikolaos. It is a unique beach with amazing water and golden sant. Agios Nikolaos is a very popular beach beacause of the well-known beach bar that is there. Many people of all ages go there to have fun. Our next and last stop is Navagio. Navagio is a beach in the north side of Zakynthos. It is accessible only from the sea, beacause of the cliff that surrounds it. Many years ago a trading ship grounded in the beach. The shipwreck, the beautiful white rocks and the amazing coral sea combine an unique scene, very photographed and popular. A scene that everyone should visit and see with his own eyes. Navagio is voted many times as the best beach in the world. We are cruising back to Kyllini later that afternoon.

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