strofadesStrofades is a group of two small islands in the south Ionian. They are placed about 44 km (27 miles) southeast of the island "Zakynthos". Administratively they are part of the Municipality of Zakynthos. The larger island, Stamfani, has an old Fortress/Monastery built in 1241. Today the islands are inhabited by only one monk, who is very friendly and hospitable and he is always taking care of the visitors. The smaller island is Arpia. Both are sparsely vegetated and rocky. There is a strong avian presence on the islands, as many different species of birds can be found there. The cruise to Strrofades, starts very early in the morning. During the cruise the visitor has the chance to swim into the beautiful sea, fish and enjoy the beauty of the islands and the quiet of the place. We return back late in the afternoon.

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